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The Riding A Dream Academy

At the Riding A Dream Academy we’re passionate about supporting talented young riders from underrepresented groups and communities get involved in British horseracing. Inspired by the incredible achievements of Khadijah Mellah, who became the first British Muslim woman to ride in and win a British horse race, we want to help other young riders aged 14-18 who come from a non-horsey background and don't have their own pony, achieve their dreams. Funded by the Racing Foundation, the Academy runs two programmes – 

The Khadijah Mellah Scholarship which is a year-long programme for talented riders, and the Riding A Dream Residential Week which is a fun introduction to the sport.

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A year long Scholarship programme for talented riders aged 14-18 from under-represented groups and communities.


An introductory week to horseracing with the chance to hone your riding skills at the British Racing School

“I am so excited about The Riding A Dream Academy.
Horse racing changed my life forever and I hope that by getting involved in the Academy, it will help other young people's dreams come true too."

Khadijah Mellah