The Khadijah Mellah Scholarship

We’re on the look-out for 8 promising and talented riders aged
14 -18 to become the first group to join the Khadijah Mellah Scholarship in 2021. If you’re from a non-traditional racing or non-horsey background, don’t have a pony and ride at an urban equestrian centre, we want to hear from you!

The Scholarship runs for a year, starting with a Residential Week at
the British Racing School (BRS)  in Newmarket from

Monday 23rd August - Friday 27th August 2021.

Thereafter, there will be 11 monthly weekend sessions at the BRS and at the end of it you will come out with a Level 1 in the Structure and Organisation of the Horseracing Industry.

Applications are now closed


The Scholarship will start with a residential week at the British Racing School in Newmarket where you'll focus on developing your riding and horse care skills. You'll also be matched with a mentor and find out more about the world of horse racing.



If you've already taken part in pony races or want to get involved, we will help fund additional races for you with our partners at the Pony Racing Authority to build up your experience. 



There will be 11 monthly sessions at the British Racing School from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. There will be more riding and specialist coaching from the expert coaches at the School.

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At the end of the Scholarship you'll come out with a 1st4Sport Level 1 Award in the Structure and Organisation of the Horseracing Industry and we will help you take your next steps within the racing industry.



You'll be able to get work experience with a Racehorse Trainer in Newmarket whose yard has been specially chosen for its safe and friendly environment. You'll get first hand experience of working in a top yard and we'll pay you for the work that you do there.

Tack Room


We’ll cover your transport to and from the course, all your accommodation and food, and will even throw in some riding kit as well.


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