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The Khadijah Mellah Scholarship 2023-24

Application Form

The next year-long Khadijah Mellah Scholarship will begin with a week's Residential Course at the British Racing School from Monday 28th August - Friday 1st September and will be followed by a session once a month from September 2023 until July 2024.

It is specifically for young people aged 14-18 from diverse communities, underprivileged backgrounds and urban equestrian centres.


Please make sure that you meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 14-18 with an interest in horses, riding and British horse racing

  • Good attitude and willingness to learn and work hard!

  • Love of animals

  • Weigh under 65kg or 10 stone 2*

  • You can apply even if you don't have much riding experience but please do not apply if you loan or have your own pony.

  • We particularly welcome applications from individuals from diverse ethnic communities.

* this is for horse welfare reasons when riding

Use the form below to submit your application. Please note that once you start you can't save this and come back to it. 

1. Tell us more about you

2. Your key contacts
We will need to get in contact with your parent or carer to make sure they agree to you applying and taking part in the Residential

3. Tell us about your school

4. Your riding experience (remember, it doesn't matter if you don't have loads of experience)

Which of the following apply to you
Can you do any of the following on a horse / pony unaided?

5. Tell us why you want to be on the Khadijah Mellah Scholarship

We will keep applicant details on file for 18 months. This data will only be used to contact applicants about similar opportunities in the future.  Our privacy policy is available here

Thanks for submitting and good luck! We will be back in contact soon.

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